Monday, May 19, 2008

Hawaii again!

This is a shell I made and brought to Hale Balleja
Here is some Puna Punch with Mountain Apples
Lamb Chops at Kalekos
Evening Pupus and Puna Punch
The Shell AGAIN... salt fired no glazing... amazing luster
Kapoho Tide Pools
Why does this shell keep popping up? 

Surfs up... Wes on the lava

And Wes getting ready to snorkel at Kapoho
It's always tomato season on the big island!
Wes at dinner in Pahoa

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Portia Little said...

Devany,Viewing your photos, I wish I were there to share these magnificent foods with you - the lamb chops at Kalekos look espcially enticing. As for the shell - the luster is amazing indeed.
Portia Little